Who’s Running This Thing?

The Craftketeers are a quartet of creative ladies aiming to support and showcase local artists, crafters, and small businesspeople, through events in the Pioneer Valley.

We started off by deciding there weren’t enough events for beginner/intermediate local crafters that were friendly, fun, and low pressure. That led us to create a couple events (Shimmer and Shine and Sunshine Market) that didn’t have huge table fees, where vendors fresh to the scene could ease into selling at events. We also wanted them to be geek-friendly – someplace where people could  find things we never knew existed.

Then we looked around and decided there wasn’t nearly enough Steampunk in the Valley, and so here we are! We’re hoping to stoke the fires with this event, and turn it into something absolutely noteworthy.

Have questions for us? Feel free to contact us by email or find us on Facebook!