2017 Schedule

Summit Room A

10:15 AM:   How to Design Steampunk: It’s Not Just More Gears?

Jennifer Gutterman

Obviously Steampunk art is not just about gears.  Although gears are fun and the more the merrier, the setting, the time period and the style of Steampunk is very distinctive beyond simple gears, no matter how cool or how many you may have.  To develop art, characters, settings, technology that has the right feel for Steampunk requires research, creativity and a willingness to pair crazy things together at times.  Jennifer Gutterman, Assistant Professor of Game Design at Manchester Community College and Visiting Professor of Game Design and Animation at Hampshire College will show you the process of designing Steampunk art from initial concept through to final 2D and 3D assets for use in tabletop games, video games, print and media, cosplay design and general love of Steampunk art.

Jennifer Gutterman is Co-Chair of the Digital Art & Design Department, managing the Game Design program, at Manchester Community College.  She will also be a Visiting Professor of Game Design & Animation at Hampshire College this fall.  In addition Jennifer works as a freelance designer, concept artist and 3D designer for a variety of industries, including mobile game development.  Jennifer has a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual FX, specializing in concept development and 3D modeling from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA and a double BFA in Computer Graphics and Painting from Syracuse University.

11:30 AM:   Intro to Steampunk RPGs

Melissa Lewis-Gentry

Even though the Gaslamp Faire is once a year, you can live in a steampunk world at home- with Roleplaying Games. From classics like Castle Falkenstein and Lady Blackbird, to long term staples like Space 1889 and Victoriana, and then to newcomers like Blades in the Dark and Clockwork Dominion, there are hundreds of ways to bring steampunk home.

Melissa Lewis-Gentry, steampunk aficionado and manager of Modern Myths Comics & Games in Northampton, will lead you through a whirling tour of airships, alchemy, gears, and dice.

12:45 PM: The Intersection of Technology and Romance: Steampunk 101

Sarah Hodge-Weatherbe

For all its appeal, steampunk can be a very hard genre to define. In this presentation, we discuss the various ways steampunk is identified, look at how it developed as a genre, and see how it is influencing everything from literature to fashion.

Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe is a library associate with the Springfield City Library. She has been touring around New England lecturing on various aspects of pop culture for over 10 years. She’s performed for all sorts of venues from The Norman Rockwell Museum to the Massachusetts library association. She loves a good ghost story, thinks Christopher Reeve was the best Superman, and prefers a good cup of tea, earl gray, hot.

Summit Room B

10:00 AM-11:15 AM: Board Game Sampler

Come in and take a seat and dive into various and sundry Board and Card Games based in and around the Steampunk/Victorian genre. Share your love of a game or try something new!


11:30 AM- 12:30 PM: DIY Airship Decor

Erin Smith

Sponsored by Castle Architectural Salvage, Northampton, MA

Tired of paying those outrageous Cloud Market prices for fancy things for your cabin? Don’t be intimidated by pipes and tubes and gears. Anyone can try their hand at making stylish decor. Erin will walk you through some brainstorming of how to turn vintage and reclaimed items into fun and functional furnishing and accessories. Then dig in and make something shiny to bring home with you!

This workshop has a $10 fee for supplies (sign up at the Welcome Desk).

Erin is a mom and a fantasy writer, when she’s not working at Smith College buying things for the Sciences. You can also find her at any number of fairs and events as the owner of Threadsmith Arts. But you can especially find her at Craftketeer events like this one, since she’s one of the four founders.


1:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Splendid Teapot Racing

Gaslamp Faire is proud to host our local chapter of this fine sport born in the hiss and whistle of far-flung New Zealand. Assemble a racer or borrow one, and try to win prizes based on speed, elegance, and of course, bribery. For more information, visit the Massachusetts chapter here and check out the original website here.