2016 Schedule


11:00 AM:   Victorian Era Spiritualism & Divination

Kikea Louve and Erin Smith

An exploration of various classical forms of divination, and spiritual practices of the Victorians. As well as a look at some of the famous spiritualists of the time.

Kikea Louve is an artist, surrealist, feminist, philosopher, and psychic.  She’s fascinated with the ephemeral world and how humans interact with it, both currently and through the ages.  She’s previously lectured on the history of werewolves, and is fascinated with shapeshifters, fairies, vampires, ghosts and her favorite, unicorns.  Kikea offers various forms of classic and current divination, available in the vendor room after this panel.

12:15 PM:   Something Old, Something New

Brian LeTendre and Jenn Iannaconi

Brian and Jenn discuss the mashups of old and new in horror and science fiction, and why we are so drawn to connecting certain time periods and elements in fiction. As well as a selected reading from Brian’s novel: Lovecraft’s Curse

Brian is the author of the Parted Veil series(Courting the King in Yellow, Lovecraft’s Curse, Lovecraft’s Pupil), Lovecraftian horror novels set in Western Massachusetts. He also co-writes the Woodsview Murders series with author Jolene Haley. A gaming, comics, music and horror lover, Brian has co-hosted and produced a podcast about geek culture called Secret Identity since 2006, producing well over 1000 hours of programming. He also hosts and produces three other podcasts about writing (See Brian Write), gaming (Co-Op Critics) and heavy metal music (Thrash it Out). In addition to podcasting, Brian has worked as a freelance games journalist, and currently writes a webcomic called Mo Stache, which can be read for free online and will be collected in print in 2015. You can find out more about all of Brian’s projects at www.seebrianwrite.com, and you can follow him on Twitter @seebrianwrite.

Jenn is the owner of Valkyrie Apparel, a business dedicated to offering plus size clothing for women who aren’t fans of mainstream fashion. She’s also the reviewer behind the site I Watched It On Purpose, dedicating herself to watching terrible movies and spoiling them for you, so you don’t have to watch them yourself.

1:30 PM: Not Just Tea & Crumpets: Steampunk Outside of Victorian England

Erin Smith

A look at the Steampunk genre in other parts of the world, and beyond…

Erin is a mom and a fantasy writer, when she’s not working at Smith College. You can also find her at any number of fairs and events as the owner of Threadsmith Arts. But you can especially find her at Craftketeer events like this one, since she’s one of the four founders.

2:45 PM: Sales Skills for Artists and Makers

Michael Whitehouse

Discussing fundamental sales skills in an approachable, newbie-friendly way.

Michael has worked as an entrepreneur, sales person and manager, marketing consultant, event planner, radio host and more in his 30-some years. Find out more about his latest projects and adventures at www.michaelwhitehouse.org.